Game Review: Call Of Duty — Black Ops Cold War

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Black Ops Cold War (developed by Treyarch) is the newest release in the top selling Call Of Duty franchise.

Cold War follows the traditional C.O.D setting of containing a campaign, multiplayer, and zombies.

The campaign gained my respect with an enthralling storyline — focused on the early 1980s — that kept me entertained throughout, especially due to the historical elements that were regularly introduced.

I was captivated by the story-driven missions in places such as East Berlin and Vietnam; not to mention the cameo appearance from a CGI Ronald Reagan.

The story line was strong and the graphics were clean and crisp. The characters were well created and I often felt empathetic towards them during various action scenes. The campaign was a realistic experience lasting roughly 5 hours. I failed to find any negatives with this game mode. In conclusion, comparing it to previous Call Of Duty campaigns, I give it a rating of 8/10.

Call Of Duty’s multiplayer traditionally includes the classic 6 vs 6 Team Deathmatch, in addition, other game modes following this same structure but with separate goals including the capturing of flags, dog tags, and limited lives.

As a student, I prefer instant gratification when playing video games as they are a good quick source of entertainment. Unfortunately this Call Of Duty does not follow the pattern of its predecessors, with game modes now released monthly as opposed to being released all at once. There is now limited choice.

I must congratulate Treyarch on the weapons though, as I have taken a keen interest to the arsenal. There is increased accuracy in comparison to other Call Of Duty games, moreover, the recoil, gun sights and overall weapon design seem much more pristine than previous weapons.

The graphical design of the maps are average. Some seem small, with an overpowered ability to hide and gain easy kills, while others are not crowded enough and prove difficult when looking for cover.

The multiplayer still runs smoothly, and does not seem too rage inducing. I would give it a rating of 6/10.

The Zombie mode does not affect my opinion on the game in any way as it has a minor effect on any substantial elements, such as the storyline, weapons or graphics.

Due to a well executed campaign and a multiplayer that provides reasonable entertainment (albeit not including every game mode yet) I give Black Ops Cold War an overall rating of 7/10.